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Harkwell Labels Goes Digital

In partnership with EskoArtwork Dantex now offers Digital Flexo and Letterpress plate imaging systems (Spark CTP) with fully integrated EskoArtwork workflow solutions. Dantex is the largest independent distributor in Europe of letterpress and flexographic plates and a specialist manufacturer of water wash photopolymer plate processing equipment. This range of products fits perfectly with the Dantex range of flexo and letterpress digital plate materials and water wash processing solutions.

Dantex Customer, Harkwell Labels in Dorset, have now massively upgraded their operation from conventionally produced plates using standard imagesetting and chemical processing equipment to an EskoArtwork CDI Spark 2120, EskoArtwork FlexRIP, Deskpack - Production tools for Adobe® Illustrator® CS and Adobe® Photoshop® CS, plus Ink Tools and FlexTools for Adobe Photoshop. The best Esko packaging and prepress technologies which work inside the world's most popular design tools.

Harkwell’s Self adhesive labels are printed on the very latest state of the art, high tech, reel to reel label printing machinery. Up to 6 spot Pantone colours or full colour, plus 2 spot colours, gold or silver hot foil, spot or all over UV varnish, over laminated with clear film, embossed, cut to shape, and perforated between stickers, all in one pass.

All label printing is done in-house. Harkwell is a leading label printer and manufacturer offering a huge array of finishes, shapes, treatments and applications including Permanent, Ultra Permanent, Removable or Static Self Cling, Shelf Edge, Tamper Evident, Asset & Piggy Back , Water Proof, Water Dispersible and Soluble - for hand or machine application to products, packaging, jars and bottles etc or for promotional or advertising purposes.

Harkwell decided to convert to digital working this year after having considered the move for some time. Overall spending on film as well as the need to increase speed and efficiency were major factors in this decision. The predominant issue was that the conventional methods Harkwell were using were, by their very nature, quite slow and cumbersome. Harkwell’s new digital letterpress workflow has lived up to its promise already as a typical job can now be up to one day faster. Tim Fountain, Managing Director of Harkwell Labels, has also already noted a marked increase in quality – ‘This is a perfect addition to our business. We felt the installation went very well too; the new system has been integrated into the business with a minimum of fuss and upheaval.’ The marked increase in print quality was immediately noticable; Harwell now achieves superior results which has ultimately won the company new business.

Visit them at www.harkwell-labels.co.uk

Posted: 01 October 2009

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