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Superior cleaning results
The DigiWash System has a dual-action wash, which gives far superior cleaning results. After main exposure, the raw plate is placed on a sticky plate holder and is introduced into the processor. The plate carriage is able to move both backwards and forwards through the wash section; initially, the carriage moves at the same time as the orbital brush action making for a quicker wash. At the end of a pre-determined cycle, the plate is transported back to the unload position and passes under a rotary brush, which removes any remaining debris, then a sponge roller removes any surface water. On completion, the lid can then be opened and the plate is presented to the operator for removal, and can then be placed in the multi-function cabinet located under the wash tank area. This cabinet features dryers and combined post-exposure and detack as a time-saving facility. During this phase of the process, washout can be started for another plate.
(Main exp. on 2735 and 4835 models only)

Dantex Filtration
This filtration system is a recent development in membrane technology and was designed specifically for use with the Dantex AQF range of equipment. Aquaclean is both economical and easy to use.

The filter is attached to the processor using two quick release connectors and operates using a very effective circulation system. Water containing waste polymer is pumped though the filters and clean water is re-circulated into the wash tank. The unit consists of 2 reusable stainless steel mesh filters and one finer disposable filter cartridge. The filter assembly can be either wall or floor mounted depending on customer preference. Sold as a separate optional unit.

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